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The course portal is the digtial hub for all current students currently enrolled at CEMUS but also a good source of information and inspiration for prospective students to explore our wide variety of courses. Click on the course posters below for more info. For all general study-related questions, contact our study-counselor Sebastian Welling at susdev@geo.uu.se

A warm welcome to CEMUS and the spring semester 2015!

Below you will find the date and time for roll call (upprop) and course start for the course that you have applied and been accepted to. You have to attend in person (with valid reason, send a stand-in) at the roll call and remain active throughout the course, otherwise you will permanently lose your place. If you are on the list of reserves, you also need to attend the roll call. As a reserve you will be able take the course if the admitted students don’t fill the limited number of spots on the course. Web registration at www.studentportalen.uu.se will open in January, but attendance at the roll-call is still required.

Upprop // Roll call
Master in Sustainable Development: Worldviews and Discourses - A Seminar Series Friday March 6 at 10.15 lecture hall will be announced later.

Livsfilosofi och det moderna samhället tisdag 24 mars. Tid och plats meddelas senare.

Joint lectures and semester start-up events
Tuesday January 27: Vanessa Andreotti "Critical connversation in Higher Education – Learning to hospice modernity". Registration required. More information here.

Thursday January 29: CEMUS Project Café. Students, CEMUS staff, faculty and the interested public are warmly welcome to the bi-annual CEMUS project café for an inspiring and creative afternoon. Bring your own ideas and projects or just come and listen (and get involved) in to what’s going on this spring at CEMUS and beyond! Co-arranged with CEMUS Roots. At 15.15-17.00 CEMUS Lab, Library and Lounge, Villavägen 16. More Information to come.

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