Applied Sustainability Studies

APSSThis spring semester course package of 30 credits offers you the choice of the following courses: Actors and Strategies for Change - Towards Global Sustainabilities 7.5 credits, Sustainable Design - Ecology, Culture and Human Built Worlds 7.5 credits, Climate Change Leadership - Power, Politics and Culture 15 credits, and Sustainable Development - Project Management and Communication 15 credits.

Welcome to Applied Sustainability Studies 2015!

Mandatory roll call and course package introduction takes place on Monday January 19 at 10.15 in CEMUS Library, Villavägen 16.

Preliminary schedules and other relevant information can be found at the different course pages:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

We look forward to meeting you in January!


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Karen O’Brien’s powerpoint 2015-01-19

Karen O'Brien 2015-01-19 (pdf)

Deadline September 9: Work at CEMUS

Course Coordinator Positions Announced – Amanuensanställningar utlysta

Kreativa och utvecklande anställningar som kursamanuenser på CEMUS utlyses. Anställningarna är tidsbegränsade och på deltid. Du arbetar tillsammans med en kollega med en universitetskurs – planering, genomförande och uppföljning – som ett projekt. Sista ansökningsdag tisdag 9 september 2014. Välkommen med din ansökan!

Apply no later than Tuesday September 9 midnight 2014. Read more and instructions of how to apply here: