Actors and Strategies for Change - Towards Global Sustainabilities

ASCWith a growing number of unsustainable environmental, economic and social trends, how can different actors work for sustainable alternatives? How can we develop capacities, strategies and tactics that achieve lasting and real changes in the local and global world? To achieve a more vibrant and participatory sustainable development there is a need for great changes, both on the systemic and individual level. These changes can take the form of revolutions, as in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and the Occupy movement, but can also be more reformist initiatives as greening businesses and taking part in local politics. In the course different actors and their strategies for change, globally and locally, are critiqued and analyzed through discussions with guest lecturers and in workshops. Contact us at asc[at] with your questions. A warm welcome to Actors & Strategies at CEMUS! Ingrid Moum Rieser & Alexis Engström Course Coordinators, Actors & Strategies

Links from Dougald’s lecture

Hi everyone,

Thanks for a great lecture today! Here are links to some of the things Dougald talked about:

  • Dougald's website:
  • School of Everything:
  • Spacemakers:
  • The Dark Mountain Project:

You should be receiving feedback on your examination II today or tomorrow. The examinor Sara Andersson has provided both individual feedback and some general comments on the papers.

Also, don't forget to hand in your reflections on Friday.

See you next week for our final session! We have planned to go out to a nation for some food after class for anyone who would like to join.

Ingrid & Alexis

Reading for next week + individual reflection

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your presentations on Monday, I had a great time hearing about your projects.

Next week, we have been so lucky to get Dougald Hine to come and speak to us. We've posted readings and two shorter TED talks for you to watch, find it under the "Literature" tab, and "Module 3".

Remember to write you individual reflection on the change project by Friday May 22nd. Instructions are under the "Examination" tab.


Ingrid & Alexis


Week of action and workshop guide!

Hi folks!

Exciting to take part of your ideation processes today, and we're very much looking forward to hearing about your prototype testing during the presentations next monday. Remember to be inqusitive about everything. This project is really about getting a sense of implementation and scaling of projects, learning from both your own process and from the efforts of your peers.

Under the tab IDEO Worshop Guides on this page you'll find the guides we've been using during the workprocess (Part I from April 27th and Part II from May 4th). You'll also find more extensive workshop and reading material from IDEO. Might be useful as a source of inspiration and support during the week.

Good luck and have fun!

All the best

Ingrid & Alexis

Meet-up tomorrow at 10.15

Hi everyone, hope your Easter was great.

Don't forget the opportunity to meet and get some input on how to move forward with your Examination Task II tomorrow. You can get help on formulating your research question and hopefully some literature tips from me and your peers. Hope to see many of you there!
We meet in the CEMUS Library (maybe we'll be sitting in the course coordinator work lounge), the time is 10.15-12.00.