Actors and Strategies for Change – Towards Global Sustainabilities

Actors and Strategies for Change – Towards Global Sustainabilities

ASCWith a growing number of unsustainable environmental, economic and social trends, how can different actors work for sustainable alternatives? How can we develop capacities, strategies and tactics that achieve lasting and real changes in the local and global world? To achieve a more vibrant and participatory sustainable development there is a need for great changes, both on the systemic and individual level. These changes can take the form of revolutions, as in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and the Occupy movement, but can also be more reformist initiatives as greening businesses and taking part in local politics. In the course different actors and their strategies for change, globally and locally, are critiqued and analyzed through discussions with guest lecturers and in workshops. Contact us at asc[at] with your questions. A warm welcome to Actors & Strategies at CEMUS! Ingrid Moum Rieser & Alexis Engström Course Coordinators, Actors & Strategies [one_fourth] [toggle title=”Schedule & Info”]

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ASC – Change Project Guide

ASC – Change Project Guide Part II

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Archive 2013 Reading Instructions – week 4 Can be found here: Reading Instructions January 21-27 Online Lectures and Documentaries Sustainability and Sustainable Development – Definitions, Frameworks and Visions – week 5: Online Lectures January 28 – February 3 Planet Earth and State of the World – week 4: Online Lectures January 21 – 27 Facebook group [/toggle] [/one_fourth_last]