Actors and Strategies for Change - Towards Global Sustainabilities

ASCWith a growing number of unsustainable environmental, economic and social trends, how can different actors work for sustainable alternatives? How can we develop capacities, strategies and tactics that achieve lasting and real changes in the local and global world? To achieve a more vibrant and participatory sustainable development there is a need for great changes, both on the systemic and individual level. These changes can take the form of revolutions, as in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and the Occupy movement, but can also be more reformist initiatives as greening businesses and taking part in local politics. In the course different actors and their strategies for change, globally and locally, are critiqued and analyzed through discussions with guest lecturers and in workshops. Contact us at asc[at] with your questions. A warm welcome to Actors & Strategies at CEMUS! Ingrid Moum Rieser & Alexis Engström Course Coordinators, Actors & Strategies

Message from Felix and Toby!

Felix and Toby say thank you for a fun class, and ask that I pass on this info:

"Here is more information on the Green Office Model:

Open-source material, including the sample funding application for a GO:
Webinar presentation and recording:

4min video on the GO Model:

Please let us know if you want to go ahead with lobbying for something like this at Uppsala University - just contact Ingrid directly and she can link you up with some people - or universities in your home countries - relevant for exchange students. Also feel free to spread the news among students and staff that you know who might be interested in the model. For any questions you can also just email Felix:"

Lecture tomorrow & meet-up next week

Hi everyone!

Thanks for today everyone - was great to see you collaborating in the LEGO game... Now, some important information:

  1. Tomorrow: Lecture with Sean Westcott is in Norrland I (at Geocentrum) tomorrow, 11.15 - 13.00. NB! Note change of classroom!
  2. Need help with formulating your research question or pointers on where to find literature for examination task II? Or maybe some inspiration on how to write a good research paper? On Wednesday, April 8th, 10.15-12.00 at CEMUS, we'll have a meet-up where we can discuss these issues. Welcome!

IMPORTANT info about Workshop on April 20th: Bring a draft of your examination task II paper to the workshop on April 20th. Don't worry if it's not perfect - the idea is to help each other improve. Your paper does not have to be finished, but it needs to be coherent so that somebody else can read it. More instructions on this will come when we're closer to the workshop.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask us.

Ingrid & Alexis

Next week: dinner and presentations

Hi everyone!

Remember that the next few sessions of the course we will have field trip presentations after the lectures, so the classes will last until 20.00. Please plan for this! (Bring an extra snack 🙂 )

Felix and Tobias (the presenters for next week) will be joining us for dinner after the course on Monday, and it would be great if you would like to come. I have booked some tables at V-dala for us.


Now it's the weekend - a great time to think about your research question for Task II! This is your chance to deepen your knowledge in your area of interest, so don't leave it to the last minute.

Happy weekend,

ingrid & Alexis



Make-up task for missed literature seminar

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your input at the literature seminar!

Did you miss the literature seminar? Make sure to:

  1. Send in the prep task for the seminar if you didn't do it already (find instructions under "Literature" tab)
  2. Send in the make-up task (find it under "examination" tab)
  3. DEADLINE for this is March 29th.

Today is  the deadline for the make-up task if you missed the human-centered design Workshop on March 2nd. Looking forward to seeing your prototypes!

See you on Monday, remember to read the literature and watch the TED-talk.

Happy weekend,

Ingrid & Alexis