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Reading/Literature for Spring 2013

Dear future students,

We are now well through the planning phase for the coming Climate Change Leadership course, and we can tell it is going to be an interesting semester. To give you some advance notice, here is some info on the required reading for the course. Some of the books you are required to get hold of yourselves - others will be sold at cost by us at the start of the semester. Read on!

There are four books that will be read during the semester. These first three books will be read by everybody (in order, corresponding to Sections 1, 2 and 4)

  • James Hansen's Storms of my Grandchildren
  • Mike Hulme's Why we Disagree about Climate Change
  • Sara Parkin's The Positive Deviant

For the fourth book, there is a choice, where half the class will read one, and the other half the other (during Section 3 of the course). You will read ONE of the following books:

  • Anthony Giddens' The Politics of Climate Change
  • Patrick Bond's The Politics of Climate Justice

When you arrive for registration, there will be two further sources of reading. They will act as Course Readers, with individually selected articles relating to each lecture. The exact price will be known once printed, but likely to be around 200kr in total - for which you should bring cash with you to registration.

Any questions, feel free to email us at

Looking forward to meeting you!


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Block 1 Presentations

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Introductory Presentation

Block 1


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Welcome to the Fall Course!

Dear future students,

Hope you are enjoying the summer, and are feeling refreshed and eager to be back to university for the new semester. We are approaching the beginning of the new term, with registration taking place here at CEMUS library on Monday 3rd September 14:00-17:00, followed by an introductory lecture.

You can view a Preliminary Schedule 120902 NOTE, some small changes will be made to it over the coming weeks, so use this as a guide only, and we will provide you with an updated version at the registration.

We look forward to meeting you all soon, and to an exciting and inspiring semester with you here at CEMUS. In the mean time, enjoy the last of the summer!

Per (Course Coordinator)

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Declaration, and other bits and pieces…

Hello Class,

Firstly, the declaration has now been printed on Uppsala's finest (and hopefully sustainably  produced) paper. If you are in Uppsala, please call by our office and pick up a copy (If we are not here, you can kindly ask another coordinator to let you in to get it from our bookshelf). If that doesn't work out, you can email us your address where you want it sent.

Secondly, there is another really interesting afternoon coming up in a couple of weeks (13 June), with some famous name including Amory Lovins from the US presenting. More info here...

Thirdly, for those who still need to submit/resubmit things from the term, please do so as soon as possible so we can register you as complete. Processes tend to go more slowly over the summer when so many are away, but for those that have completed all requirements, we expect to register your grade by mid-June.

Finally, the class photo - a memory of the interesting semester together! Enjoy, and all the best!

Christian and Cecilia

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Workshop Schedule

Thank you all for your projects! From the glances through them it looks like you have put a good effort towards them, and we look forward to reading them in more detail soon. And of course, seeing you present them to the class early next week. So here is the schedule for the final 2 days. You have 30 minutes for each of your projects, to use as you see fit (as long as you show to the class what you have uncovered during the project phase). This could for example be a 15 minute presentation followed by discussions. Try to load up any powerpoints prior to your slot to save time there, and leave a few minutes for changeover between presentations.

The declaration will be led by four of your classmates, who will give you more information on the first morning about this process. We only ask that you all come prepared to actively participate in this process. If there are topics that you desperately still want to discuss with the class, then let us know and we can incorporate that into the final seminar space on the 22nd.

See you all on Monday!

Christian and Cecilia

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Projects and Final Workshop

Hello Class,

Hope the group work is coming along nicely. We are looking forward to hearing/seeing/feeling(?) all about them in the final workshop! More details will follow soon about the schedule for the final 2 days. It will be a mix of working together on the declaration, and preseting discussing your projects. Each group will have roughly 30mins for this, which could be perhaps 15mins presentation followed by 15-mins follow-up discussion and feedback.

Hope the projects will be as high a standard as you have set in the course so far. Keep it up for the final couple of weeks!

The Coordinators


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Wednesday’s Workshop

As you should now be aware, there are now only 2 groups for the policy dating workshop on the 25th. The morning group has been cancelled and re-allocated to one of the afternoon groups. Make sure you come to the correct time (the one you have been allocated), either 13-15 or from 15-17. Sorry for the late change of plans.


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Final Project Instructions

Tjena allihop,

You will receive a paper copy of this next week, but if your excitement is too high, you can get an early look at the instructions for the final part of the course. Most of you have now formed groups, however if you haven't got a group, come see us for suggestions. The project instructions can be found here: Final Project

For those that missed today, we handed out information about the workshop at the end of block four (25th April). The class will be split into three time periods (10-12, 13-15, 15-17), of which you need to attend one. If you have not registered for one of them, please speak to us in class, to ensure an even distribution. A follow-up seminar is scheduled for the 2nd May, which all should attend. See the schedule for more information. Fiona's instructions can be seen here: Workshop 4 (note that there is a task to do in preparation for the workshop).

Finally, in preparation for the video lecture with Sara Parkin, please prepare a question relating to her book/leadership, email it to us and bring to the lecture/interview to ensure a lively discussion.

Thanks for all your hard work! Almost there, so keep it up...

Christian and Cecilia

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Wednesday 21st ‘Cancelled’


As we mentioned today, Johanna, who was scheduled to come tomorrow, is sick. We will instead use tomorrow (Tuesday) as a seminar to discuss the recent lectures, and leave Wednesday for you to catch up on reading, and to work on Assignment 3. We expect that Johanna will instead be able to come on Monday 26th, and Patrick Kratt will be rescheduled into a space Section 4 (so you will not miss any of these important lectures, don't worry)!

See you tomorrow...

Christian and Cecilia

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