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Have a background in Scandinavian and Swedish studies from the University of Washington. Am currently finishing a Master thesis in Sustainabel Development at Uppsala University and in partnership with the Royal Institute of Technology. Currently coordinating the CEMUS courses 'Sustainable Design' & 'Critical Perspectives on Sustainable Development in Sweden'

Hello Everyone and Welcome to the summer distance course for Sustainable Design

You will soon be receiving a welcome letter from the course both as an email and a letter by post. This will contain further information about registration, course literature, examination, and general technicalities of the course.

Starting on the 4th of June you will be able to have access to the course content. It is important to note that there will be a mandatory lecture in Uppsala on Saturady June 9th [this is the only mandatory lecture in Uppsala and acts as a confirmation that you will partake in the course].

If you have been accepted/registered and have decided to not participate in the course please send an email to the administrator: Hanna Andersson []

If you have questions about the course, you can email the course coordinators Cecilia & Jesse.
[] (preferred)

We look forward to hearing form you all in the near future!
Best Regards,
Jesse & Cecilia

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Workshop #2 (March 14, 2012)

Hey Everyone!

On March 14th we will be having our second workshop which will focus on interpreting life cycle analyses. This will start at 17:15 and end at 20:00 and will be in room 11:130 in BlÄsenhus. If you plan on coming please send us an email at

We will be having a guest lecturer (Anna Ruban) who has worked quite a bit with LCAs. She will be walking you through on how to understand what the report is saying and how to make some calculation.

In order to prepare for this workshop we ask that you bring with you a calculator.

As a treat we will also fix a little fika to the workshop.

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