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Workshop I task posted.

For any clarification you need please use the forum entry in this link:
You might need to create an account.

Task summary:
1. Write 200-300 words for Part 1 and send in via e-mail.
2. Write 200-300 word for Part 2 and bring a printed copy to the workshop, you are going to hand this in at the end of the class.
3. Calculate your ecological footprint and write down your results on a paper and bring with you. (You are not going to need to hand this in.)
See details in the file uploaded above.

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Schedule updated. Venue change for some tuesdays.


Please check the schedule for the new venues. There is though no change for next week 2 October.


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Ted Talk + Documentary… and short task


Thanks for a nice day at the field trip, I hope it was fruitful for all of you.

As you know, we are not meeting at the class 25th of September (this tuesday). Instead you are assigned to watch a TED Talk and a documentary. You can choose when and where. You are expected to watch it together with your project group.

TASK (due 27th September Thursday 23.59)
1. Watch the TED Talk with your project group.
2. Watch the documentary with your project group.
3. Answer the following questions in the form at the end of this post.
a. What traces of the report "Planetary Boundaries" can you see in Johan Rockström's TED Talk?
b. Pick up at least two claims/ideas/statements from the documentary to bring as questions to Kjell Aleklett the 7th of October. (Read more about him below.)

So far in the course you have had lectures and activities of people from one wing of thoughts, when it comes to the sustainability. You have gotten a picture of what is happening to the world, what changes we are facing and why they are happening. But there are of course people that think the other way, that most of the claims about the climate change is not true.
The TED Talk you are going to watch is by Johan Rockström, one of the scientists that introduced the "Planetary Boundaries" concept to the world. (You can find a copy of this report in your course reader.) This is a continuation and deepening of the problems we are dealing with during the course, but still from the same wing: assuming that we are facing big challenges and the human population needs to do big changes in its ways.
The documentary, on the other hand, is focusing on climate change being a "hoax" and is trying to build an argumentation around that.

What you are supposed to do is prepare a challenge for Kjell Aleklett. Aleklett is a professor in Energy Systems and he will be visiting our course the 9th of November to give a lecture on "Peak-Oil and Post-Oil Scenarios". He has been in many CEMUS lectures over the years and has given his researcher team's view on how the global oil reserves are diminishing and what we are about to face as the global society. Read this extract from an interview he has given to Uppsala University's newspaper "Universen", in the latest issue from September 2012. (Roughly translated from Swedish to English)
Reporter: The subject [about peak-oil] is controversial, because not everyone agrees on how long the world's oil reserves will last. How has it been to be challenged/questioned?
Kjell Aleklett: The last chapter [in my new book] is called "the inconvenient Swede". I do not mind people call me that. Swedish people are usually supposed to be diplomatic but it does not apply to me.
If something is totally new and doesn't get hard critics it doesn't generate results to come by. Therefore, it has been inspiring with all the critics. Now it seems as if many people realize the seriousness of the issue [of Peak-oil] and now it will go faster for ideas to spread.

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Field Trip 23th September

"Global to Local in the Sprawl of Uppsala"

Transition is happening, right beside us. This field trip, arranged by recommendations from course's work group member Thomas Norrby, has the aim to show examples of local sustainability solutions in the sprawl of Uppsala.

During the field trip we will have:

A visit to the local farmer Kjell Sjélin at Hånsta Gård
A tour of Vattholma (short intro by Åke Clason)
and possibly tours to Ängeby Gård, Storvreta, Skyttorp, if time allows.

We'll meet on the 23th of September Sunday at CEMUS entrance at 10.15 and be back in Uppsala at about 15.30. A bus is rented...
Click for a map of the meeting point.

Take your own lunch and fika. The weather broadcast signals clear weather, but be ready for rain anyway.

You can still sign up for the field trip by sending an email to Please await confirmation in that case...

Remember: The field trip is optional and free of charge. You will though be charged administration and logistic fees if you sign up and do not show up.

See you all!

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Tutorial + Task


Next week, 18th of September 17:15, we have the project tutorial. This is one of the compulsory evenings of the course. During the tutorial we will form up the project groups and see through your tasks, that are due 17th September 23.59h. The project instructions and the writing task is posted above. Please read everything carefully and come prepared.

Just to make it clear: As it is stated in the course reader, the task is covering the first two chapters of the book "Toward Sustainable Communities". And you are supposed to answer in 200-300 words in total, not per question. See the other details in the document.



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02 October 18.15 – 21.15

There has been a little change in the schedule. The workshop in 02 October will start at 18.15. I have updated it on the preliminary schedule posted here. There might be some venue changes, I'll let you know about those. Except these, everything is as usual.

See you this evening.

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10th and 11th of September


On Monday 10th September we'll be hearing Alan Atkisson, in a common lecture with all the CEMUS courses.
On Tuesday 11th September we are hosting Thomas Norrby and Ben Owen.

Reading material for the day:
Roseland, part one.
Heinberg, part ten.

Reading material specific for Thomas Norrby's lecture is Chapter 3 and 10 from Transition Handbook. (Available online here)

Specific for Ben's talk on Pluggin, please read pages 10-17 from this link.

See you all.

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Course introduction this evening… 17.15 in the building Blåsenhus, venue "Bertil Hammersalen". Just make it to the main entrance, go down the big stairs and it is the lecture hall on the right.

See you there!

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Welcome letter and preliminary schedule

Click here to see the Welcome Letter.
Here to see the Preliminary Schedule.


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Welcome to Global Challenges and Sustainable Futures!

Fall semester 2012 is starting.

This interdisciplinary course at the Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS) is given for the sixth time. The course is built on informative and engaging lectures on the global challenges of our time. In interactive workshops, seminars and a group project we will take a closer look at sustainability issues and how they are interconnected, by looking at specific regions and cities, both from global and local perspectives.

Registration for the course will be on Monday, September 3rd between 14.00 and 17.00 (drop-in) at the Cemus Library at Geocentrum, Villavägen 16 Uppsala.

We start every semester with common inspirational and introductory lectures for all courses. These lectures introduce sustainable development and education for sustainable development, both in thematic and theoretical ways and from more practical and personal points of view. This year we will have two common lectures:

Panel Discussion on the future of education and sustainable development with CEMUS co-founders Niclas Hällström, (What Next Initiative) and Magnus Tuvendahl, (Stockholm Resilience Centre). Monday, September 3rd, 6.15pm–8.30pm in the Main University Building, Hall X, Biskopsgatan 3. The panel is arranged in connection to CEMUS’ 20 Year Jubilee.

Lecture ”Introduction to Sustainable Development” with Alan AtKisson, author and consultant on sustainable development, Monday, September 10th, 6.15pm–8.30pm in Lecture hall 3 Ekonomikum, Kyrkogårdsg. 10.

See you at the registration.
Sakıp Murat Yalçın

Course Coordinator

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