Important checklist for the final paper

Hej again,

Reading some of your papers we realized that many papers do not meet the basic requirements which are described in the assignment. It is very important that you carefully check the assignment and include the following:

- Your name
- Name of the assignment
- Date
- In text referencing
- A minimum of 6 references from the course content – books and reader
- A minimum of 4 additional references
- Include a reference list
- Check if you have addressed the question completely
- Consider the word limits

In case you fail to meet these requirements your paper will be send back to you and you will have to make changes in order to pass the course. It is better to carefully check these requirements in advance, because that way you will not delay your own process to pass the course.

Once you have edited and changed your paper please send the new version to, save the document as Revised_YourName_FinalIndividualAssignment.pdf (so we will not mix it up with your draft paper). In case you do not wish to make any changes after tonight and after checking the requirements, please send us a quick email to indicate you are satisfied with the paper as it is.

All the best!

Heleen and Cecilia

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Last class Sustainable Design 2013

Hej everyone!

Tomorrow will be the last class for this year’s Sustainable Design course 🙁 (although we know some of you are quite excited to finish all the classes and start your vacation!).

We just wanted to clarify some things about tomorrow’s presentation: You will informally discuss your paper with some fellow students, so there is no need for fancy presentations or slides. You will be placed in groups in class. A print-out or digital copy of your paper might make it easier for you to discuss your paper with the others, so make sure you bring this. A few weeks ago we have changed the time for the class from the afternoon to the evening, so make sure to check the schedule.

After tomorrow, based on the comments and feedback you will receive from your classmates, you still have one week, until the 29th of May, to make last changes to your paper.

See you in class!
Heleen and Cecilia

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Make-up Assignment Book Seminar

Hej everyone,

If you have missed yesterday's seminar you will have to complete the make-up assignment in order to pass the class. The assignment is posted above under 'assignments.' Look at the deadline and make sure that you send in the assignment on time.

Also, if your group is making some improvements on your portfolio or if you have to complete other make-up assignments please do so before the deadline on the 29th of May. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Good luck with your individual assignments and all the other work in this busy month!

Cecilia and Heleen

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Important reminder!


This is just a reminder to check the instructions for the book seminar in advance (see the previous message below). This is important, because especially during the debate you will be organized in groups randomly, meaning that you might not be able to express your personal opinion. Check the statements and debate topics in advance and check in which group you are placed. We hope you will have some interesting discussions this Wednesday.

For those of you who have send in their papers in advance: we are reading them now and we will give you some comments on Wednesday during the break or after the class.

Heleen and Cecilia

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Book seminar preparation

Hello again,

Next week we will have the literature seminar on Papanek’s book ‘Design for the Real World – Human Ecology and Social Change’ and the course reader. During this seminar we will do some value exercises and we will have a debate. The point of these exercises is to formulate opinions and arguments based on the literature you have read throughout the course.

We would like you to be able to prepare for this seminar in advance, so you will not have to ‘improvise’ to come up with some arguments during the seminar. Please look at the document ‘Book Seminar’ we have posted under ‘Assignments.’ This document introduces the topics we will discuss next week, so have a look at them and prepare your arguments (and perhaps take some notes).

This way we hope that all of you will be able to contribute to the discussion and to actively participate during the seminar.

Please contact us if anything is unclear 🙂

Cecilia and Heleen

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Examples of Biomimicry

Hello Sustainable Designers!

In addition to the movie we will watch in class tonight you could have a look at the following two videos if you want to learn more about Biomimicry. The TED talk shows a great variety of design examples of Biomimicry. The BBC clip shows one example of the Gecko and it focuses more on the research done to understand nature and create new designs inspired by nature.

PS Tonight we will spend some time outside so we don't have to miss this beautiful day!

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Final Individual Assignment


Just a note for the people who missed the lecture last week: we have posted the final individual assignment (look above under assignments, the document is called ’Final Individual Assignment’ ;-)). Read through the instructions, start on time and contact us if you have any questions. Also check the previous message regarding the change in schedule.

See you next week!
Cecilia and Heleen

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Changes in the schedule


These are the last changes in the schedule:
- We have switched the Biomimicry lecture with the book seminar;
- The Biomimicry lecture will now be on the May 8th, this way the students who would like to use this theory for the final individual assignment have more time to learn about biomimicry.
- On May 15th, we will have the seminar on the course book ‘Design for the real world.’ You will have one more week to read the book (compared to the old schedule). This seminar is mandatory. Further instructions for this seminar will be posted soon.
- On May 22nd we will have Discussions and informal presentations of the final individual assignment. This is the last class of the course and this activity is also mandatory (and FUN!).

Please check the last updated schedule so you know the specific rooms for each date.

See you tonight!
Heleen and Cecilia

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Peer review


There is a group that contacted me because they had not yet received the portfolio they are supposed to review. If anyone else has the same problem, please contact me as soon as possible: Thanks!

Looking forward to your presentations tonight 🙂

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Instructions for Peer Review


For the final presentation of the group work you will review the portfolio and work of another group. The instructions for the peer review are now posted under ‘Group Work – The Design Process.’

Check in advance if your own group portfolio is complete according to the instructions we have posted previously and make sure that you send it in on time, the deadline is on Sunday, the 14th of April. You will receive the portfolio of the group you will review on Monday.

Good luck finalizing your projects!
Cecilia and Heleen

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