Poster Printing and Sustainability Festival

Hi everyone,

Here's a roundup of some key info from our last workshop:

POSTERS. Submit your A1 sized posters tomorrow morning, so we can send them for printing tomorrow afternoon. Please try to keep the file size low enough to send by email (under 20MB) and if you can't, let us know soon and we will try to solve it.

YOUR POSTER DISPLAY. You will need to be at your poster/display table from 10-12:30. Arrive at around 9:30 to give yourselves time to set up the table and posters, etc. We will visit you every table with Prof. Tuula Eriksson btw 10-11:30 and discuss your design project, ask questions about decisions you made. Everyone in your Design Group needs to be present for this visit, and at least two of you need to be with your poster the whole time. This day, along with your submitted Design Project Portfolio and Individual Insight short paper, form last of the assessment in the course.

THE REST OF THE FESTIVAL. Check out the schedule online at

or on the Facebook page

All the best,

Alejandro & Lakin



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Links from Dougald’s lecture

Hi everyone,

Thanks for a great lecture today! Here are links to some of the things Dougald talked about:

  • Dougald's website:
  • School of Everything:
  • Spacemakers:
  • The Dark Mountain Project:

You should be receiving feedback on your examination II today or tomorrow. The examinor Sara Andersson has provided both individual feedback and some general comments on the papers.

Also, don't forget to hand in your reflections on Friday.

See you next week for our final session! We have planned to go out to a nation for some food after class for anyone who would like to join.

Ingrid & Alexis

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Update Meeting

Hello everyone,

Time is running fast and the Design Project is more than half way through! During the last weeks you have been working in your design project and there are still a few weeks left before you will submit your poster and the final portfolio. As you saw during the Peer Review 2, different groups are in different points in the process and that’s fine. However, it is time to consider what is left for you to do and decide how and when you are going to do it.

Read and explore the points 6 and 7 of the Design Project to get more inspiration, and remember that you have tools and exercises for idea generation, etc. in the Design Project Space that you can use.

As we told you during Peer Review 2, next Wednesday, May 13th, we will have the Update Meeting with the examiner, Tuula Ericsson, professor in Landscape Design and Architecture, and with a lot of experience working with design projects. She will be with us to know what you are doing and to be familiar with your projects before the Sustainability Festival. She won’t be there to examine you during the Update Meeting but to give you feedback in your process. See her as a valuable resource to solve doubts and improve your design process. She will be from 10 to 15 minutes with each group and she will make suggestions and comments. As you have been doing during the Peer Reviews, present your problem, how your process is going and show her your preliminary results, solutions and/or prototypes and also prepare questions and doubts for her.

For the Update Meeting the class will be divided in two. One half will meet at 17:15 and the other half 18:35. The groups will be working in the class and Tuula will share up to 15 minutes with every group in the order you have here:


  • Group 9: Food+Agriculture
  • Group 4: Green Home
  • Group 8: Fantastic Five
  • Group 3: Resolve


  • Groups 7: WWW – Wasted Without Waste
  • Group 6: Natural Spaces in the City
  • Group 5: Fresh Outta Food
  • Group 2: Mobile Energy
  • Group 1: Sparks

Have a nice weekend and good luck with your design project!

Lakin and Alejandro

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What to Bring to Peer Review 2 + Update Meeting with Prof. Tuula Eriksson

Hi everyone,

We are in the middle of the phase of the course when we meet less often, but shortly we will start to meet again every week in the lead up to your final designs and presentations at the festival on May 28. Below is some information about the Design Project, and instructions for Peer Review 2.

In Peer Review 1, we focused on your design problem and your first steps in the project. Peer Review 2 is next Wednesday, 6th May (Peer Review 2 was scheduled for 13th May but has been changed due to availability issues with our examiner Tuula Eriksson. Instead, the Update Meeting is now 13th May). You will still be sharing directly with the same groups as you did in Peer Review 1, but we will radically change the setup of the room, so expect a new format in which all Design Groups in the course will be present and participating. For this you will need to again be ready to talk about what you have done so far, but with important differences. Make sure all your Design Group members are present.

In the Design Project description you are asked to submit a Portfolio containing several components, (which closely mirror the steps we ran through during the weekend workshop) as listed below. Different groups are at different points in their process which is to be expected. But it's worth checking to see where you are, considering how much time we have left. If you are still on your problem definition, you'll want to get moving or ask for help (please do!).

-1 page problem definition
-Design requirements (design needs)
-Idea generation
-Idea selection
-Concept development
-Final design
-Written summary of final design
-Reference list

You are also asked in the project description to record and document your activities throughout your design process (interviews, photos, behaviour observation, pages showing idea generation, basic prototypes, etc.). For Peer Review 2, we will focus on these activities. In preparation for the peer review, answer the questions below briefly and email them to us in a Word Doc or PDF at, and to your Peer Design Group (the same group you were paired with in Peer Review 1) by Tuesday, 5th May at 13:00. Make sure you're on time so your peers can be prepared for the discussion.

-How have you been going about your design process?
-What methods/actions have you tried?
-How have you conducted research and talked to people?
-If you have started idea generation or prototyping, how have you done it?
-What are your next steps?

There is no 'right answer' to these questions, as Design Projects vary greatly, however, you need to be ready to share and discuss. If you think it useful for the discussion, bring with you some documentation of what you have done, for example photos, paper from idea generation sessions, etc.

The following Wednesday we will have an update meeting with Professor Tuula Eriksson, who is also the examiner for the course, in which you will present your work so far and get some feedback and advice from her. Check the course portal again next week for mor detailed instructions on this.

Have a Happy Valborg,

Alejandro & Lakin


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Design Groups and more

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend and you started the week with energy.

In the The Design Project Space, you have a document with a summary of the groups, topics and selected books. We have received most of your problems and the 2nd book choice via email but not all of them. Have a look into the document and if your group has a " * ", please send us the missing information as soon as you can (deadline April 15th at 14:00h).

This week we won’t have class but, as the previous week, we will be available at CEMUS to help you in your process. As we told you, different groups will be in different stages of the process. Some groups might need help to finish with the problem formulation and others might be collecting information and researching about the topic. However, remember that next week is the Peer Review 1 and you should be able to explain what you have, where are you in the process and where are you heading to (more info to come) to other groups and the course coordinators in order to get some feedback and keep working.

Good luck with your project and email us if you have any question!

Lakin and Alejandro

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Make Up Tasks for Seminar 2 and Workshop 2 now available

Hi everyone,

Thanks for a generally productive session on Wednesday. Those who came seemed to make progress, and for the most part a good vibe for the projects is in the air.

If you missed either Seminar 2 or Workshop 2, Make Up Tasks for both are now on the course portal under 'assignments and instructions'. Any questions, email us on

Alejandro & Lakin

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Location and Schedule Change this Wednesday, 8th April

Hi everyone, and Happy Easter!

Tomorrow's lecture 'Why Sustainability Needs Fiction: Design Fiction and The Future' will be pushed forwards in the schedule to the end of April/start of May (Date TBA). This is so you can all focus on starting immediately with your Design Group on your project work after the Easter break.

Tomorrow in class time (17:00-19:30) we will instead have a co-working session with your Design Groups at the CEMUS Library/Lab/Lounge. In this session you can together continue to work on the four steps from Workshop 2 (5W+H, "how might we....?", group assumptions, who could we talk to?), and to otherwise plan. Material from Workshop 2 is now on the course portal. Course coordinators will be available for any discussion, questions or help with this you may need (email us beforehand if you want to book a meeting at a specific time, otherwise we will be free). Attendance is up to you, however this will likely be a good time to meet with your group, as you all have this time in your schedules.

Also a reminder, you must submit a document which shows the problem your Design group will work on and the progress on the above-listed four steps by Friday 10th April. It is OK if this is not perfect or a 'work in progress', but you need to submit the progress you have made. Also include the title of the second course book book your Design Group has chosen from the provided list, or selected yourselves.

See you then, and apologies for late posting of this message,

Alejandro & Lakin

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Confirmed Details of Field Trip (Check the times!)

Hi everyone,

Here are the details of our trip and guided tour to Varsalongen at Lilljevalchs, Stockholm. The tour has been booked and paid for all people who signed up, and we will also cover any entry fees.

Meet at 11:50 on Saturday 28th March inside the main building of Uppsala Central Station, through the glass doors at the top of the escalators (train leaves at 12:10, and we need time for all to meet and then get tickets.)

12:50 and then we walk across the city to Lilljevalchs, and we stop for quick coffee on the way.

14:00 Sharp. It is the last weekend of the exhibition, so the venue will be a little full, which will hopefully just add to the vibe. Those who live in Stockholm who will meet us at Lilljevalchs be there at 13:45.

15:00. We will then walk to get some food and drinks and chat more (Alejandro and I have some suggestions on where we can go), and people can suggest other things to do/ head off on your own.

There are trains leaving often, but we imagine taking the 18:10 train, depending on what we do. You are of course free to go back when you choose!

Lakin's phone number: 07 6090 58 52
Alejandro's phone number: 07 2873 15 78

Any questions let us know!

Alejandro & Lakin

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Sign up for trip to Liljevalchs, Stockholm

Hi everyone,

This is where it's proposed we go for a class trip:

Last class some people signed up, but many may have missed the sign-up sheet or weren't there. We need at around 20 people to make the guided tour worth it! even if you already wrote your name down, Please confirm again all the days you could attend on the Doodle link below (English option at bottom of page):

DETAILS: We will meet at 12:45 front the central station, then take the train to Stockholm. We then walk across Stockholm (in the sun of course) to the venue which is by the water, and we can have some coffee on the way. We will arrange a guided tour in English which will begin around 15:00 and finish 16:00, and then we can go for some food/drinks outside, or you can head back to Uppsala, this is open to what people want to do.

Image result for vårsalongen 2015


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Information om kommande evenemang


Några saker som händer framöver:

Imorgon 13.15-17.00: Workshop om Cemus framtid. Kom och diskutera hur Cemus kan utvecklas i framtiden! En chans för er att påverka hur utbildningen här kan utvecklas framöver. Anmäl er till Hoppas vi ses där!

Måndag 23:e mars är det ett symposium på Sigtunastiftelsen om innovation och kreativitet. Mer info finns här: Symposium Sigtuna Om ni är intresserade maila till Det finns några gratisbiljetter kvar och först till kvarn gäller. Annars kostar studentbiljett 145 kr.

Kom även ihåg att anmäla er till ASP-dagarna (Active student participation) om ni vill vara med på dessa. Se information i tidigare post. Anmälan är senast 23: mars.

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