Climate Change Leadership - Power, Politics and Culture

CCLClimate change leadership is often mentioned in both news media and by politicians themselves, but what does it really entail? What kind of knowledge and skills will future climate leaders need to learn? What kind of political, cultural and psychological resources are lacking in present initiatives?

This course discusses the fundamentals of an effective and functioning climate change leadership in a global perspective. Starting out from an analysis of how climate has changed during the planet’s long geological history and how it plays a central role in the life of the biosphere, the course looks at how these changes have affected different societies and how these societies have responded. Then the societal and cultural causes of climate change are discussed, looking at how the use of fossil fuel has transformed modern societies and cultures. With the knowledge gained during the first parts of the course, a framework for a working climate change leadership is critically looked at from a political, power and societal perspective. The last part of the course tries to apply the framework for a climate change leadership in case based workshops of future scenarios, on a global and local level, working with different strategies for mitigation and adaptation.

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The Hummingbird Declaration

The Hummingbird Declaration

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Sector II - Mindsets and Justice (if you didn't do it earlier this semester)

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Retreat on Living leadership, Anthony Mccann, Social philosopher and independant scholar

As announced, today's leadership lunch will be from 13:15-14:00. 14:15-16:00 will we take part in a living leadership workshop with Anthony McCann in Norrlandssalarna, Geocentrum. Read more about Anthony and the workshop here: