20 years of sustainable development

Fall is in the air and we at CEMUS education are busily underway preparing for an exciting and challenging fall semester.


20 years ago, in August 1992, a few hundred students crowded into a lecture hall in the old University building in Uppsala to take part in a new and ground-breaking lecture series . It was called Människan & Naturen (eng: Humanity & Nature) and gathered the leading thinkers and practitioners on issues related to global issues and the future of humanity. The lecture series was initiated and organized by students themselves, but with a great support from the university administration.

Much has happened since then: a Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS) was formed, a research school started (CEFO), another centre has been formed (Uppsala Centre for Sustainable Development) but most importantly: a lot has changed in the world. We continue to strive to be in the forefront of the issues that we feel are of the utmost importance to this planet and to humanity and are looking forward to celebrating our 20th anniversary this fall - CEMUS+20.

The first jubilee-event is already this coming Monday the 3rd when CEMUS co-founders Niclas Hällström and Magnus Tuvedahl, join us for a panel discussion on the future of education and sustainability. On Friday the 7th our new book Being and Acting in Times of Uncertainty will be released. In October we will have a full day of festivities; celebrating the past, present and future of CEMUS and student-run education for sustainable development.

Let the fall begin.

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