Second Block Introduction

Hej Class,

We are now finished with the first block of the course, and hopefully you have had a chance to think critically about strategies and the areas of sustainable development within which you want to take action. We have some exciting lectures coming up in the second block, and we encourage everyone to do a bit of research before each lecture on the speakers we have invited (please see the updated schedule above). The purpose of the second block, called Interviewing Actors - Working with Sustainability and Strategies for Change, is for you to engage with the lecturers and ask them critical questions about their strategy and their knowledge. As such, the layout of lectures will be: 45 minutes of lecture followed by a more interactive session where we would like you, the students, to "interview" the speaker. These can be questions or discussion points that you have thought of before or during the lecture, and we therefore encourage you to write down your thoughts! Please keep in mind that this lecture format will not function properly without your active participation; we know you all are bursting with questions and energy so use it well!

Side-note: The extra course resources (i.e. literature that is useful background information) can be found in student portalen under 'Course Materials' and then 'Extra Resources'. 🙂 You can also view your peers' worksheets and 5 problems worksheet here. The purpose of this is for you to get inspiration and feedback from from your classmates.


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