Next week: Theories of Change!

Next week we have our seminar on Theories of Change. We're basing the whole seminar on the Oxfam paper on "How Change Happens" by Roman Krznaric, so it's extra important to read this beforehand.

In other news:

1. Movie night is moved to Thursday, February 12th at 19.00 in CEMUS Library. Featured movie this week will be the documentary Waste Land.

2. We moved the date, because this Thursday, February 5th at 17.15 the Library will be used by an initiative for good conversations, You can read more about the event here: (The topic of the evening is citizen's income and new economics). It's usually in Swedish, but English speakers are also welcome.

Anoud has set up a group for those of us that have Facebook. Find it here:

See you next week,

Alexis & Ingrid



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