China Lectures

Hello! Some lectures that might be of interest to you guys:

Lecture 1: Crucial challenges for China's new leader Xi Jinping: social media, social protests, and information control
Lecturer: Johan lagerkvist

Summary: Difficult challenges will confront China's new leader, General Secretary Xi Jinping, in the coming years. Among the most salient will be to manage a more restive society that is further empowered with the organizational capabilities afforded by digital communication technologies. In the past decade this phenomenon has become visible in tensions over illegal land grabs in the countryside and plans to locate heavy industry in central urban areas. How will the new leadership under Xi Jinping seek to handle the manifold challenges from a pluralizing society equipped with ICTs? Will he be able to strike a balance between repression and accommodation of public opinion?

Lecture 2: Environmental constraints, changing ecosystems and shrinking resource pools - a monumental challenge for China's social and economic development
Lecturer: Karl Hallding

Summary: The presentation would focus on social implications of environmental issues in China. It will provide an overview of China's key environment and resources related development challenges and discuss its social and economical consequences.

They take place on 22/2 from 10-12 in Hörsal 1, Ekonomikum. The language is English.

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