Declaration, and other bits and pieces…

Hello Class,

Firstly, the declaration has now been printed on Uppsala's finest (and hopefully sustainably  produced) paper. If you are in Uppsala, please call by our office and pick up a copy (If we are not here, you can kindly ask another coordinator to let you in to get it from our bookshelf). If that doesn't work out, you can email us your address where you want it sent.

Secondly, there is another really interesting afternoon coming up in a couple of weeks (13 June), with some famous name including Amory Lovins from the US presenting. More info here...

Thirdly, for those who still need to submit/resubmit things from the term, please do so as soon as possible so we can register you as complete. Processes tend to go more slowly over the summer when so many are away, but for those that have completed all requirements, we expect to register your grade by mid-June.

Finally, the class photo - a memory of the interesting semester together! Enjoy, and all the best!

Christian and Cecilia

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