Workshop Schedule

Thank you all for your projects! From the glances through them it looks like you have put a good effort towards them, and we look forward to reading them in more detail soon. And of course, seeing you present them to the class early next week. So here is the schedule for the final 2 days. You have 30 minutes for each of your projects, to use as you see fit (as long as you show to the class what you have uncovered during the project phase). This could for example be a 15 minute presentation followed by discussions. Try to load up any powerpoints prior to your slot to save time there, and leave a few minutes for changeover between presentations.

The declaration will be led by four of your classmates, who will give you more information on the first morning about this process. We only ask that you all come prepared to actively participate in this process. If there are topics that you desperately still want to discuss with the class, then let us know and we can incorporate that into the final seminar space on the 22nd.

See you all on Monday!

Christian and Cecilia

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