Bunch of stuff relating to our recent lectures, seminars and workshops

Hi ya'all!

So we've got a bunch of links to content that has been discussed or referred to during our last couple of meetings. First off, a new Norwegian hosted portal on societal transformation in relation to climate change with a lot of useful content to check out, C-Change. Second off, Kevin Andersons webpage can be found at Kevinanderson.info. Third off, SEI got an equity calculator up and running, where you play around with different pathways on carbon emissions from an equity perspective at gdrights.org/calculator/. And finally some guidance on how to approach the written assignment on "Why we disagree about climate change".

Hulme writes about the plurality of climate change, the different meanings that are put into the concept of climate change. In one setting climate change is “the greatest market failure the world has seen” in another it is first and foremost an issue of grave injustice, of colonialism. These different meanings and interpretations leads to a range of equally different solutions to the problem. How do we proceed in a setting where we both acknowledge these differences in definitions and discourses but try to find common ground? Again, what kind of leadership is to be used on such a diffuse and “wicked” problem such as climate change? What are the pre-requisites of governance on global level if we acknowledge that the “we” that are supposed to do something about come from radically different cultural contexts? Is it even possible?
One important thing to remember is that this question does not have one right answer, different paths forward can be discussed and you don’t have to agree with Hulme!

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