Clarification on the individual assignment for Sector I, The Science of Climate Change

Analyze and interpret different theories of leadership, cooperation, organization and communication for a functioning climate change leadership

Hand in an individual reflection using the final course goal above as a framework. From a leadership perspective discuss the challenges that climate change science poses for sustainable development.

  • Think about the different political goals, 350-450 ppm, Anderson: 1.5-2 degrees warming as “sustainable”?
  • Think about Klein’s piece on what she argues “science tells us”

Please reference the literature on leadership from this sector to critically reflect upon what is needed for functioning climate change leadership.

  • Hansen, for example, writes a lot about his thoughts of how his message has been received by “those in power”
  • Think about what Parkin argues is needed for sustainability leadership (consider, for example, wicked problems, power relations, etc); how does this relate to climate change science?

You could also use the work you've done in groups as a point of discussion, how did you reason when you approached your particular actor?

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