Seminar on climate skepticism and something about attendance

Tuesday 4/2 we will have a seminar on uncertainty and skepticism in relation to climate science and the corresponding societal response. We suggest that you have a look on a recently published  journalistic piece from Mother Jones, entitled "Global-Warming Denial Hits a 6-Year High", which will give you some food for thought. I keep on recommending you to visit and will do so again as they also recently published a post about the role of scientists as advocates, which you can find here. There are a lot of relevant and interesting discussions going on in the comments to their posts.

In other news, we've had some questions about what you have to do if you can't attend some parts of the course. Workshops and student-led leadership labs are mandatory, and if you can't attend you will have to do a make-up task that corresponds to the content of the occasion you miss. We also have a 75 % mandatory attendance policy on the lectures and seminars (those that aren't student-led), which adds up to you needing to attend at least 24 out of 32 lectures/seminars. During May, we will have a couple of leadership lunches, these are chances for you to make up your attendance as we have not included them in the total count of 32 but will add to your own attendance (of course we would like to see as many of you at these discussions as possible anyhow). In May, you will also mainly work in groups with the final examination, which means it's up to each group to plan how to work with your climate change leadership cases.

The 75 % mandatory attendance is of course not just an exercise in counting how much of the course you can miss, it's about the importance of taking part in as much of,  from our side, and hopefully yours as well, the highly valued discussions about climate change leadership as possible.


R and S

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