Student leadership labs

We've published the student leadership labs instructions under "Examination" in the menu above. During the semester, you will co-create two leadership labs:

The purpose of these sessions is for you to one, practice facilitation and leadership and two, to give you an opportunity to focus on a topic and activity of your choosing. Since we cannot cover everything and know that you all have ideas about what you think is important and worth discussing, we hope that this can be a space where you can explore something that we have not covered in our sessions, or that we have talked about but which you would like to explore more in-depth. As a guide, you should use the course goals which you can find in the syllabus, particularly the goals listed above.

Please read the full instructions! We have emailed you the groups for these labs, groups 1-3 are responsible for the first lab Wednesday 19/2. If you have questions you are welcome to ask us.


Rickard & Sanna

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