What’s up and about, and some news about today

Hi! Unfortunately we will not be discussing collaborative consumption today. We will instead continue our re-imagination of climate change by asking the question of how climate change is represented in arts and popular culture by looking on a couple of examples from recent years.

A short summary of happenings the following weeks:

Thursday, April 24th at 17.15-20.30, we are happy to welcome Polly Higgins for an open lecture on Ecocide. The lecture will be held in Ihresalen Engelska Parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 Uppsala.

Folks kitchen Uppsala will have an event April, 27, see the Facebook page for more information.

Saturday, May, 3rd, the cows will be let out on pasture on Sju gårdar, you can find additional information at: http://www.sjugardar.se/koslapp2014

Oh, and don't forget to celebrate Valborg!

S and R

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