Reminder – Toxic Playground Movie Screening


Don't forget about the Toxic Playground moving screening this evening in Hambergsalan (Geocentrum). The movie will start soon after 17:15 and will be shown with English subtitles. There will also be some extra material at the end - some notes from the producers and clip of a future project.

Film description taken from Laika Film:

Swedish Lars, 23, is studying film in Chile. 12-year old Yoselin is a belly dancer and wants to become a doctor, but her hips are beginning to crumble. Lars finds that hundreds of kids in Cerro Chuño have fallen badly ill because of toxic waste from his home town in Sweden.

 Lars tries to find out whether Boliden, the mining company involved, is accountable for what has happened to Yoselin and the other kids.

 Boliden refuses to take any responsibility for what has happened. But Lars finds Rolf, the former head of environment of Boliden. Rolf admit that his advice to the company was necessary for the decision to send the waste away and surpisengly decides to follow Lars back to Chile to find out what really happened.

(This is not a GCSF event and attendance won't be included in the course attendance)

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