Preparations Workshop 1 ‘Group Project Kick-Off’

Hello all,

Next week we will start with the group project during the workshop on Tuesday. In order to be prepared we would like to ask all of you to read the project instructions in advance, you will find the instructions above under 'Assignments', then go to Global to Local Project. See if you have any questions, we will have plenty of time for that on Tuesday. Also, make sure that you have read the first chapter from Mark Roseland's book 'Towards Sustainable Communities', you can find a copy of this chapter in your course reader (which is also available in the Cemus Multispace). During the workshop we will be discussing and choosing different 'capitals' so make sure that you know what these are.

We would also like to remind you that this workshop is mandatory and that it will take place in room 12:004 in Blåsenhus (NOT Betty Pettersson-Salen).

We are looking forward to Kick-Off the projects!

// Ben and Heleen

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