Tips from class – 3rd of September

Hej everyone,

We were happy to see that we had so many students yesterday and it was great that you already started to share tips and ideas with each other. This is something we really would like to continue to do throughout the semester and we hope that you can learn as much as possible from each other. In case you missed some notes we have tried to summarize them here:

1. On the 11th of September EurSafe will organize a panel discussion titled ‘Ethics for Sale?’ This is an open event, free of charge. This event was first recommended to us by Cecilia Mark-Herbert, who will come give a guest lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in December. The discussion will focus on food, so several of you will be interested. You can read more information here:

2. On the 21st of September a group of students will organize TEDxUppsalaUniversity with some great speakers. The deadline to apply for a ticket is tomorrow already, so don’t miss it! More information can be found here:

3. The documentary about fracking which was recommended by one of the students is called ‘Gasland’ and it can be found online, e.g. on It is definitely worth it to watch. We will also have a guest lecturer come in to talk about energy at the end of October.

4. The website recommended by another student on the use of cosmetics is Unfortunately it is all in Swedish, but Google might be able to help you out here :-). It could be a fun 30 Day Challenge!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! See you again next week on Tuesday.
Ben and Heleen

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