Updated Schedule – Note change in Workshop 2 Date!

We've finally filled the empty space in the schedule!

Were pleased to annouce that Maria Börjesson, a former student of CEMUS and now lecturer at KTH, will be coming on Tuesday 15th October to talk about Creating Intellegent Traffic Solutions. In preparation for this lecture Maria has suggested that you watch the following TEDx Talk: Jonas Eliasson: How to solve traffic jams.

For those of you with keen eyes and a sharp memory will have noticed that this lecture in on the scheduled date of the second Workshop. Due to this clash we've had to move Workshop 2 - Project Speed Dating to the week before. The second workshop will now be on 8th October 2013 and the venue for this is now in Norrlands in Geocentrum (the two classrooms to the left as you walk in the main entrance).

Just to confrim the new schedule looks like this:

  • 8th October - Workshop 2 in Norrlands, Geocentrum
  • 15th October - Maria Börjesson Lecture in 12.004 Blåsenhus

The schedule available at the top under Course Information has been updated to reflect this change. If you have any questions send an email to the regular address: gcsf@csduppsala.uu.se.

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