Course literature

Hej everyone,

We hope you are getting excited for the new semester and all the reading that comes with it! For GCSF 2014 we will use the following two course books:

o The Post Carbon Reader : Managing the 21st century’s sustainability crisis – edited by Richard Heinberg and Daniel Lerch
o Eaarth: Making a life on a tough new planet – Bill McKibben

You will be able to buy these books from the usual online bookshops. The books will be also available in Cemus’ library – but only for reading in the library, not for borrowing.

In addition to these books we will also use a course reader with various article. The reader can be bought from us at the first lecture (we will inform you about the exact price as soon as possible).

Enjoy the last days of summer holidays 🙂

Ben and Heleen

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