Feedback 30DC

Hi everyone!

Thanks for the many 30DC project plans we got to read :-). It seems like most of you have a clear idea about what you want to do and how you want to document it. If you don’t hear anything specific from us, it means that your ideas are good and you can go ahead with your 30DC as planned. You will receive individual feedback on the final submissions for the 30DC, but for now we would just like to remind you of the following issues to keep in mind:

- Always include your own name, the title of the assignment and the date on all documents you submit

- Please only submit PDF files

- Include your name in the title of the document

- Include references when you discuss basic facts (e.g. …water consumption will decrease by 20% if…, etc.)

- For this assignment it is good to be as specific as possible, this will make it easier for you to keep up with your 30DC. Be specific about your focus, what you will and won’t include in your challenge, when you will make exceptions, etc.

Last, it is important to keep in mind that this assignment is supposed to be a challenge it is OK if you are not succeeding on some days or if your plans don’t work out. Just try to keep up with the challenge and continue as intended.

We have noticed that many of you are interested in food issues due to environmental/animal welfare considerations. The bacon on a burger can be easy to identify and easy to avoid, but you might be surprised which other products contain animal parts. Have a look at the following talk if you are interested in these issues:

Good luck with all your challenges! Don’t forget to scroll down to read more information about next week’s workshop and small preparation task.

Ben & Heleen

Ps. We have ordered the extra course readers and we will notify you here asap when they are delivered at the office.

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