New Open Lecture at CEMUS


Here is an interesting opportunity to get a perspective on a very topical matter here in Sweden. As part of the CEMUS course 'Critical Perspectives on Sustainable Development in Sweden' there will be an Open Lecture called: Wind energy and indigenous land rights in Northern Sweden with Johanna Liljenfeldt a Postgraduate student at Department of Geography and Economic History at Umeå University.

 The Open Lecture will be on 23rd October 17-19 with the room to be announced nearer the time. Attendance is not mandatory but encouraged and all are welcome to attend.

Don't forget that tomorrows lecture will be with Aaron Maltais and he will discuss the Injustice of Climate Change. After which we'll be showing the documentary Hope in a Changing Climate - a documentary by John D. Liu (about 30 min. long). This documentary is a great reminder that positive change is possible if we are willing to work for it. Hopefully you will find some inspiration in this for your group projects.


Heleen & Ben

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