Post-Workshop News


Thanks for a great session today, we hope you are as tired as we are... Two things to share:

1. Project groups

  • Not all groups have handed in their names, problem and region. Please email us this information so we know that you are placed in a group.
  • In case you missed today's workshop and are not placed in a group, but would like to continue with the course, contact us as soon as possible, because we will need to place you in a group.
  • Last, in case you are still trying to figure out a specific region/problem - do so as soon as possible. This process can take forever, but eventually you will just have to make a decision. If you do it as soon as possible it means that you can move forward with the 'real' work for this project.

2. GCSF Lost & Found

We can offer a black fleece scarf and a black A5 notebook. We'll keep them in our office. Please send a message if this belongs to you, so we can bring it to class next time.

See you next week!


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