STOP – START – CONTINUE: Updated Schedule


Thanks for your creativity, discussions and feedback last Tuesday. Based on your comments we have now posted an updated schedule (which you'll find above under 'Course information'). The new schedule includes all deadlines until the end of the course, so hopefully this avoids any unnecessary confusion and it will give you a clear overview of what is expected from you.

Other important points to keep in mind:

- In the new schedule all deadlines are on Sundays at 23:59 - this will conflict with information provided earlier, but just stick to the latest schedule.

- We post all information here on CEMUS course portal

- You submit all assignment on Studentportalen 

- We will remind you about upcoming deadlines here on CEMUS course portal (sorry, no emails)

Feel free to:

- Organize class/group meetings after class to continue interesting discussions - we can help to communicate this to the rest of the class and of course you are always welcome in the CEMUS library

- Challenge the guest lecturers with good questions if you feel that they are not providing enough details/new information/etc. (a good preparation for guest lectures will help here)

- Bring & share cookies

These are some things we can easily implement/adjust to make the course run a bit smoother for all. We also appreciate all other feedback, although some other issues might take a bit longer to change.

See you at DocWeek!

Ben & Heleen

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