Important: New instructions for the remaining online seminars!

We want to thank everyone who participated in the online seminar today (sep 28)!

We were both able to skip between all the seminar rooms and listen in a bit on the different group discussions. We both thought it sounded like interesting and productive discussions!

In order to make the next seminars run smoother, everyone will from now on have the possibility to choose whether they want to use the audio format, like today, or if they want to chat (by writing only) in Adobe Connect. The dates and times for the remaining seminars are still accurate. We’ll start out with two large groups one for all of you who want to use audio or audio+video, and one for all of you who want to chat. From there we’ll divide you into smaller groups. For the remaining seminars we as course coordinators will be present and we'll be jumping around between different seminar rooms to listen in on the discussions and/or read from the chat history to see how it's going for you (as we did today).

We will also send out the instructions and open the seminar rooms a bit earlier from now on, so you can come in and try out your equipment. Please enter the seminar room at least ten minutes before the seminar starts, so we have time to sort out the groups without taking time from the discussion.

For the remaining seminars, we will send out links to the seminar rooms just like we did today. The difference will be that you will have the opportunity to choose which room you want to start with (depending on whether you like to write/chat or talk/use audio, during the seminar). You will be given two rooms (two different links) to choose between. From then, we will divide everyone into smaller discussion groups and give everyone new links to new seminar rooms.

For those of you who weren't able to attend todays seminar, we will post a replacement task here on the website during the day. Click on "Assignments".

Please let us know if you have any questions!
Keep up the good work!
/Sara & Karin

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