Trouble with accessing the two articles from the online course material!

Some of you have had trouble with accessing the two articles "Environmental Crises and The Metabolic Rift in World-Historical Perspective" and "Colonialism and Industrialization: A Critique of Lewis". Before we posted these links to the articles on the website we were told that everyone with access to Uppsala university student services would also be able to access the two websites containing the two articles. Some of you contacted us about not being able to do this and we couldn't figure out why but after talking to the university library we think we know why you can't access the pages. We are now told that you all have to login to your Uppsala university student account before opening the page containing the link. It does not work to try to login with the university user-name and password directly at the page containing the articles but if you login to your account at or login to your student e-mail account or to your account at the university library first and then click on the article page, you should be able to access the site and read the articles.

We really hope this works! If anyone still can't get access the articles, please let us know and we'll try to help you.

Sorry about the inconvenience! We missed informing everyone about this on beforehand.

Best regards
Karin and Sara

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