I anslutning till CEMUS/CSD Uppsalas konferens om utbildning och hållbarhet i maj anordnar vi en essätävling. Man får fritt skriva om vad som helst direkt eller indirekt relaterat till utbildning för hållbar utveckling eller teman som behandlas på konferensen. Deadline är 15 april. Pris och plats i programmet utgår till de vinnande bidragen. Hoppas att några från HUB vill delta. Mer info på konferenshemsidan samt nedan:

This is a call for contributions for an essay contest connected to the third annual Uppsala Conference on the Future of Education and Sustainability. You are free to write about anything directly or indirectly related to ESD (Education for Sustainable Development), what it is or what it could or should be. Don't feel limited by the word ESD, and by no means do not feel compelled to use the notion of ESD in your text (unless it of course sets your imagination going or somehow serves your creative goals).

Your text could be related to themes and topics discussed (or for some reason not discussed) on the conference; whether it's about the role of students, or life in general, in times of crisis or the present and future role of research and higher education in an era of declining resources and ecological disasters.

The form of the text is up to you. It can be fictional or non-fictional. Feel free to be analytical, critical, personal, political, angry, frustrated, hopeful, poetic, revolutionary - or just happy with status quo and the way things are.

The essay should be 3-6 pages. You can write in either Swedish or English.

Contributions should be sent to, at latest the 15 th of April. The winning essayists will get a prize and their contributions will be made part of the conference program.

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