Welcome to course intro Monday February 3!

Welcome to the first course introduction on Monday 10.15 at Geocentrum, Villav├Ągen 16 (room Cm 122 e) and a discussion seminar with Gunnel 11-12. Gunnel will also give a lecture at 15.15-17 and there will be a book launch afterwards to which you are all invited!

We will now be using another course portal than studentportalen: http://cemusstudent.se/mgeh/

And your assignments should be posted here: Message board/forum at www.cemusstudent.se User name, p-word have been emailed. Log in here: http://cemusstudent.se/wp-login.php

Schedule is posted above, you will get more instructions at the course introduction.

See you Monday!
Anneli & Daniel

About Daniel

Director of Studies CSD, Acting Programme Director CEMUS, Uppsala- Uppsala University and SLU.
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