Conference and Sustainability Month

As you have seen, there is now a lot of interesting information about the Cemus conference at

Both the thursday and friday are mandatory for you, I can not check where you are every minute though, also this is supposed to be an interesting opportunity for you as students, and not only a way for me to check attendance...

Therefore Im going to trust you are there as long as you dont tell me otherwise and as long as you dont give me any reason to suspect you are not. If you think you will miss anything, please e-mail me. Feel free to attend any workshops etc. you like.

Soon, if you have not gotten it already, you should also be getting an e-mail from the organizers of the conference. If you have not recieved any such e-mail a week or so before the conference, please contact them to make sure you are registered.

There wont be any lunch included due to budget priorities (although plenty of time for you to get your own lunch:-) But its still important they know you are attending.

The conference is actually part of The Uppsala Sustainability Month. So there is really a lot of interesting stuff to do and see! For more information about the month go to:

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