Course book, mini challenges, and Design for Behaviour Change

Hi everyone,

Three important points:

1. We look forward to next week's session with Sille Krakow, on design for behaviour change. She is joining us by video from Denmark, and we will have a chance to discuss with her quite a lot on this topic, with a substantial amount of the session given over to you for question time and dialogue with her. It's important to go through the reading material (and video) for this week so we can get a discussion going at a high level.

2. Also a reminder to start reading the first course book Design for The Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change by Victor Papanek now. We look forward to some lively discussion around this later in the course: it's often said it's one of, if not the major books in the last half century advocating for a change in design practice towards sustainability and we wonder if you agree. It will also be highly useful input for Assignment 2: Analysis of Design.

3. Remember to keep the mini challenge sketches you have made in class, as you will submit these at the end of the semester. Simple instructions on this task will be posted shortly in the 'Assignments and Instructions' section.

Enjoy your weekend.

Alejandro & Lakin


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