Feedback portfolios mini-design challenges

Hi everyone,

We are currently going over assignment II and III. You will receive individual feedback on your analysis of design as soon as possible, however we have decided not to send out individual feedback for assignment III, since we noticed we had less to say about these submissions. As general feedback to all of you we would like to say that we are impressed with the creativity you demonstrate in solving some of these problems. Many contributions are very imaginative, surprising, funny or they open up thinking for completely new directions. This will be very valuable during your group projects.

Furthermore we would like to advise the following:

- Draw your sketches on blank paper

- Trace pencil lines with black marker

- Make use of color (you can communicate a lot more information with color and it will be easier for your team members or other viewers to understand your ideas)

These are just very simple tricks which will have a big impact on the quality of your sketches and the information you can share.

Last, during your idea generation for the group project focus on quantity first, you can filter out the ideas which won't work afterwards.

Good luck!


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