General feedback Update Meeting I

Hej everyone,

Thanks for all your contributions yesterday! We think that you gave each other some valuable feedback and we hope that this will help you to move forward with your project. Keep in mind that the types of questions you received yesterday will be very close to the questions can expect, and need to be able to answer, during the final presentation (e.g. what did you focus on? How big is this problem?).

Second, we would like to remind you that in the end you will need to gather all your work in a portfolio. You should already be thinking now how you can show both your process and your results in this portfolio. Document everything! Otherwise you will find out in May that you are missing important pictures, sketches, etc. you would like to include.

Also, yesterday we heard a lot of talking, but unfortunately there was not a lot of visual work. Even though many of you are still doing research, there is a lot to show. For example looking at how IDEO did their research on the shopping cart (again, because we have already spoken about it), you see that they use pictures, graphs, they even had the real shopping cart there! Where are the pictures of the schools, food, homes, supermarkets, etc.? This will help a lot of you to make your problem concrete and to move away from abstract thinking and discussions.

IDEO_Visual Research

Now that you are doing research, think about interesting ways to discuss and present it in your portfolio. Is it graphs, mind-maps, pictures, quotes, very long paragraphs, etc.? In your research try to find a balance between facts and inspiration – make sure your reader understands the problems as well as you do and becomes interested in hearing your solution.

Last night we did not have that much time to discuss your second book choice, but make sure you use this book for your project and include in clearly, whether it is as a source of information, to help you understand a method, etc… Also we learned that not all groups have started reading their second book yet – start as soon as possible!

Last, we would like to suggest that you start prototyping as soon as possible. Do not get stuck in analyzing the problem, if necessary, you can always return to this later. Simple prototypes will allow you to discuss issues more in depth with potential users or other stakeholders and they will guide you towards your final solution. We would like each group to bring at least one prototype to the next work group meeting, for example the physical object, pictures, videos, etc. This will allow you to show what you have been doing so far and it will provide a good base for discussions with the other group and the examiner.

We discovered yesterday that we were a bit short on time; therefore the next update meeting will be from 17.00 (no academic quarter) to 20.00. Like yesterday, you only have to be present for your own meeting. We will post the schedule some time next week.

For now, good luck designing awesome things!

Heleen and Lakin

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