Lecture slides and After-Seminar!

Hi everyone,

Some updates and important information for you.

1. The slides from the last lectures with Hans Liljenström on Biophilic Design and with Sille Krukow on Design to Change Behaviour are now available under “Lecture Materials”.

2. The SDesign After-Seminar

Next week after the Seminar we will go to CEMUS Library to gather and to get to know each other a bit better. The course has been running for four weeks now and we think is time to meet some new people and have fun together. If you don’t know where CEMUS Library is, just follow the crowd after the Seminar. We will provide some snacks, (non-alcoholic) drinks and a nice environment for all of you. This will be a good opportunity to meet some new people. See you all!

Good luck finalizing your first assignment. We are looking forward to see your Sustainable New Earth 😉

Enjoy the weekend,

Lakin & Alejandro

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