Location of the Introductory Lecture on June 9th!!

Kyrkogårdsgatan 10, 753 13 Uppsala

The introductory lecture will take place at the Ekonomikum building in Hörsal 3 (first floor entrance 10A) from Kl. 12.00-17.00. Because of the length of the meeting your are encouraged to either bring a lunch with you or eat beforehand (you may still want to bring a snack).

We will be discussing the content from module 1 so please come prepared.

About Jesse Anderson

Have a background in Scandinavian and Swedish studies from the University of Washington. Am currently finishing a Master thesis in Sustainabel Development at Uppsala University and in partnership with the Royal Institute of Technology. Currently coordinating the CEMUS courses 'Sustainable Design' & 'Critical Perspectives on Sustainable Development in Sweden'
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