Peer Review 1 + Lecture Slides

Hi everyone,

Hope everything is going fine with you!

As you have probably seen, you all should have an email in your inbox regarding the Peer Review 1 that it is coming next Wednesday, the 22nd of April.

In this email you have a link to the instructions for the Peer Review, the schedule for every group (you can also find a copy in The Design Project Space), and the initial document from the group you are going to review. Read the documents and prepare what you are going to explain about your process and what you can ask about the other group project. It will be a good moment to share experiences and check your challenges, doubts and difficulties.

Another update from the course: the lecture slides from Camilo Calderon on Participatory Design are now available under “Lecture Materials”.

Have a nice weekend and see you next week,

Lakin & Alejandro

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