Schedule Final Presentations at Ce/muse festival

Hej everyone,

The schedule for the final presentations at the project fair is now available above under 'Schedule & Info.' You will find more information about the Ce/muse festival here. There are a lot of interesting activities going on that day, so check it out and figure out with your group members who wants to visit what. Just make sure the group is complete when the examiner visits. We will end the festival with a BBQ in the botanical garden, you are all welcome to join! (it's a 'bring your own everything').

Important note: the schedule stated that there is a mandatory meeting this Wednesday, however this is not correct. There is no mandatory meeting coming Wednesday, but of course you are welcome in the Cemus library to finish your prototype, etc. We will be around if you have any questions 🙂

Good luck with the final days of this group project!

Heleen and Lakin

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