The course has now officially started!


welcome to the Sustainable Design summer course!

The course starts today June 4th. By now, we hope all of you are registered and be able to access Studentportalen. If you have not done this, please do it as soon as possible so you can properly follow the course.
For the people that were accepted from the reserve spots, you may have to fill in the form (found at the link below) and send it in to get your studentportalen access as soon as possible.

We are not sure if you can send this form only by air-mail or also by e-mail. So, please use the contact phone number that is in the form to find out the quickest way to send it. Getting the pin-code might take some days so we suggest you to this as soon as possible. It is important for you to have it because the submissions of all assignments will be made through Studentportalen.

More useful information:

The course will run according to the schedule posted in the course site:

Sustainable Design

Please check it so you can get important dates and the content flow throughout the whole month. In this site you can find also the whole schema of the assignments for this course under the link Evaluation.

In order to access to the literature and lectures links, please click on the link Course Content in the course site and it will take you the Studentportalen website. You will find the Course content files and links (separated by Modules) at the left under 'File Area'.

Hope you enjoy the course and you have any question, let us know!

Best regards,

Cecilia & Jesse

About Jesse Anderson

Have a background in Scandinavian and Swedish studies from the University of Washington. Am currently finishing a Master thesis in Sustainabel Development at Uppsala University and in partnership with the Royal Institute of Technology. Currently coordinating the CEMUS courses 'Sustainable Design' & 'Critical Perspectives on Sustainable Development in Sweden'
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