Status Report and Make Up Assignment Instructions


The instructions for the Status Reports are now available under the 'Assignments' section above. Also, we've had to change the time of the Progression Meetings to the morning, they are now on...

  • Progression Meeting 1: Tuesday 4th November at 09-12
  • Progression Meeting 2: Tuesday 18th November at 09-12

... once we have a room confirmed we'll update the schedule to reflect these changes.

Also available are the make-up assignments for those that have missed various seminars and workshops. They are:

  • Group Dynamics Make-Up Assignment - to be completed by those who missed both morning and afternoon sessions with Agnetta Setterwall on Thursday 9th October 9-12 & 13-16
  • Common Cause Handbook Make-Up Assignment - to be completed by those that missed the workshop with Pella Theil on Wednesday 1th October 9-12
  • Three Strikes Make-Up Assignment - to be completed by those who have missed three (or more) seminar or workshop sessions held by the Course Coordinators since the start of the course

Each make-up assignment has their own instructions with differing deadlines so please read them carefully. These make-up assignments need to be completed as they are part of the examination for the course. We've emailed those that need to complete the 'Three Strikes' Make-up Assignment. If you are unsure of whether you need to complete either or both of the 'Common Cause' and/or the 'Group Dynamics' let us know and we will confirm/deny.

As always, email us if you have any questions and we'll get back to you as quick as we can.

Per & Ben

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