Upcoming Events (and updated Schedule)


We can now provide some of the details for the Open Lectures that are coming up...

On Thursday 20th March we have TWO Open Lectures:

15-17 Learning in Transition: new learning pathways to resilience in times of change with Isabel Carlisle, Transition Network, UK in Norrlands I & II, Geocentrum

18:30 Aesthetics and Sustianability with Professor Caroline Hägerhäll from SLU Alnarp in Hambergssalen, Geocentrum

More information for these events can be found here.

... AND ...

The details for Polly Higgins' Ecocide lecture are now confirmed as:

Thursday 24th April, 17-20:30, Ihresalen - the large lecture hall on the ground floor in Engleskaparken 

... PLUS...

This week there is a seminar organised by Global Energy Systems called Perspectives on oil production – is fracking our future? on Wednesday 5th March, 15-17 at Hambergsalen, Geocentrum. For more info click here.

... FINALLY...

The room for the Strategic Leadership and Entrepreneurship lecture with Shawn Westcott on Monday 14th April will be in Lindahlsalen, EBC - the same lecture hall we had for Marta Cullberg Weston's lecture earlier in the semester.

There is a revised Schedule in the drop-down menu above to include these events, don't forget to check out csduppsala.uu.se for more of what's going on in and around CEMUS.

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