Seminar 2 Time Line Groups and Activity

Hey All!
As we said last Thursday, we will be doing a time-lining activity during Seminar 2 and have divided you into time periods based on your conference paper groups. In order to prepare for this, please spend just a few minutes INDIVIDUALLY to find out some events that you find important and/or relevant to Sweden's environmental history. You should bring these with you to the seminar. Everyone is responsible for a 25 year period.
1750-1775: Migration Group
1776-1800: Mining in Kiruna Group
1801-1825: Nuclear Group
1826-1850: Railway to Europe Group
1851-1875: Saami and Tourism Group
1876-1900: Understanding Sustainability Group
1901-1925: Urban Bees Group
1926-1950: Why move Kiruna Group
1951-1975: Wolf Group
1976-2000: "Groupless" group
2001-Present: All

See you Thursday!

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