A request from Paula Von Seth and other important information

Hi all,

We were yesterday treated to a session with a practising and engaging artist (rare to find one who can work in educational settings) and we started on an artistic process ourselves. Three important points about this class:

First, Paula has requested that you formulate the ideas in the work you did yesterday in four sentences, as she wants very much to know them. It seemed in the end that many people realised important and significant reasons and motivations in the visual work you had made in the class. What were these? If you send them to us (not mandatory) we can forward them to her.

Second, It's important to seriously reflect on what happened yesterday and consider what it means for your upcoming group work in the final design project for this class, and for your future work/life in general..

  1. Consider how was this completely different from other group work you have done? What was it that was different and how did this affect the outcome of your work? Would you have gotten to these results by, for example, sitting and talking in a group meeting, or by your group emailing or messaging each other?
  2. Consider the value of getting yourselves to a place where you can be creative and playful (and focused) when it comes to thinking creatively, entering a design project or being innovative in your work. (We will go into this more in workshops)

Third, Paula also mentioned the possibility of a trip to Moderna Museet in Stockholm, with a personal guided tour and a session focused on how artists have approached the human-nature relationship over time. We will develop this idea with her and let you know a time and date, etc. as soon as we can.

Thanks for a great class yesterday and take a look at these photos of your work (the ideas behind them are in your minds, so write them down!), which will also be hung up in the CEMUS library.

Lakin and Heleen

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