Preparation for Paula Von Seth Lecture + Go see art in Uppsala

Hi All,

Please read this message from Palua Von Seth to you, with some requests and suggestions as preparation for the class.

In the letter she has requested you read the article The Good City. Also look at the article written by Paula we included in the course reader .

She has also listed some select art exhibitions happening in right now Uppsala (with free entry for students) for you to go to as preparation for the class. Especially interesting are “An Afropolitan View” by African artist Bathélémy Toguo at Uppsala Castle, and Bror Hjorths Hus gallery close to Blåsenhus. Check Paula's message for details. This could be something to do on the weekend, or any day before class.

She also suggests that when visiting these exhibitions, you sketch or write down ideas you have. If you do this it can be submitted as this week's mini challenge (instead of the challenge we will give you in class).

Bra Helg!

Heleen & Lakin

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