Update Meeting 2, Wednesday

Hi everyone,

Welcome back after a sunny and snowy Vålborg, we hope you had a lot of fun and had experiences you will remember for a long time (and maybe a few you can't remember at all!). On Wednesday, 7th May we will have our next Update meeting. Below is important information about the structure, content and location of the meeting.

Purpose. The purpose of this meeting is for you to show documentation of your work so far. The focus of the meeting will be on 'idea generation', 'idea selection', and 'prototyping' phases, with some attention also to your 'research' phase of your Design Project Assignment. Many groups have been making a lot of progress and it's exciting to see it happening.

Structure. Each meeting will be 15-20 minutes per group with the following structure:

  • 2-3 minutes. Your group will give a quick summary of actions, progress and results since last meeting.
  •  8-10 Minutes. Examiner and coordinators will ask questions about your work to date. This will focus mainly on the 'idea generation', 'idea selection', 'prototyping' and 'concept development' you have been doing (see pg.3 of Design Project description), also with some attention also to your 'research' phase. Questions will be based on three things: the Design Project Assignment requirements, your input in Update Meeting 1, and on plans you have shown us/talked to us about. Make sure you bring good documentation of the last weeks of work (see below) as this will allow you to discuss your work and help answer these questions.
  • 5 Minutes. Other group will have the opportunity to ask questions and open a dicussion as happened in the previous update meeting.

Bring Documentation. As per the assignment instructions, you will have been documenting your work with pictures, notes, diagrams, maps, prototypes, interviews, etc. Bring these to help show the work you have been doing in the 6 weeks since you started with the Design Project Assignment. You must bring these materials in order to meet the requirements of this meeting.

New Guest. Our examiner, Tuula Eriksson, who will grade your design project, will be here this week. She will ask some questions about your work, and she will be taking into account your progress at this stage of the project when she is examining your final submision at the end of May.

Your Voice. Everyone in the group should come prepared to talk about your design project this week, as you wil be called upon to contribute to the discussion.

Time. Check the schedule for Update Meeting 2 under the 'Schedule & Info' tab on the course portal.

Location. We will be in Geocentrum in room DK235, which is on level 2 above CEMUS. To get here, walk through the CEMUS library and towards the kitchen/back entry to CEMUS. Walk up the stairs on your left and you will find the room at the top of the stairway


Lakin and Heleen

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