Important updates schedule, book list & extra mini-challenges

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for another creative session with Stuart Pledger last Wednesday. We hope these exercises will get you excited to start your own design project where you will have more time to explore more design methods and skills. At the start of the class we mentioned some important updates which we will summarize here:

New schedule
We have moved the final presentation to the 22nd of May from 10.00 to 14.00. The Sustainable Design class will participate in the Cemus Project Fair where you will present your design project on a poster along with your portfolio and perhaps you could also show your prototype/video material/demonstration/… Basically whatever it takes to communicate your design the best way possible. This fair will be visited by other Cemus students, guests and the examiner for this course: Prof. Tuula Eriksson.

Because the final presentations are now a bit earlier, we have moved Workshop II to the 14th of May.

On the 28th of May you will submit your final portfolio and individual reflection. We are planning to have a potluck dinner (maybe even a barbecue if the weather allows) to celebrate the end of the semester and the start of summer.

All changes are updated in the schedule. More information regarding the group project and final presentation will follow soon. Please note: we know some of you might have difficulties to attend the project fair due to other courses or work. If you feel like you cannot attend, please come talk to us and we will try to find a suitable alternative.

Book list
As explained at the start of the class, you will read a second book of your choice during the group project. We have posted a list of suggestions above under ‘Schedule & Info.’ Please note that you will need to select a book as a group, since it will provide information and inspiration for your group projects. Therefore you cannot already make a selection now, but please have a look to see if there is something you would be particularly interested in. We will form groups in two weeks during the second seminar.

Extra mini-design challenges
We realized that not all mini challenges provided during the lectures are suitable to solve quickly on your own. Therefore we have added a list of extra mini-design challenges above under ‘Mini Design Challenges.’ This should help you to complete this individual assignment. As the original description states you need to include at least 8 mini challenges in your portfolio. In your submission be clear about the challenges you have included.

Those are all the updates for now. As always, e-mail us or come talk to us if you have any questions!

Enjoy the sun!

Heleen and Lakin

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